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What is the Most Common Form of Identity Theft?

Posted by Adam Alexander | Aug 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

Identity theft is one of the scariest crimes in the modern world; you can lose your money, home, and reputation. What makes it worse is that identity theft can be easier than you think. Below are a few common ways that it can happen to you.

Dumpster Diving: That's right, identity thieves can find out anything about you just by looking through your trash. They can get your information just by fishing out a receipt that you carelessly throw away. The best way to combat this is to either tear up your receipts or keep them in a secure place.

Shoulder surfing: This one is the easiest of them all. You are in a public place on your computer, minding your own business. What you are not aware of is that an identity theft could be looking over your shoulder. Be aware of your surroundings and get a privacy screen for your laptop if you have to.

Credit/Debit Card Theft: This is yet another easy way for identity theft can occur. It is a bad idea to leave your purse or wallet lying around unattained. That is just begging for thieves to come and take it. Please do not live your bags, purse, and wallet alone with a crowd of people whether your trust them or not.

Malware-Based Phishing: Ah, yes. malware is a nasty thing to all computers. Some can even steal your identity without you knowing it. Always update your malware protection on your computer and scan it at least once a week.

Phishing through Spam: Spam, nobody likes it. It's annoying and quite dangerous when it comes to identity theft. If you get a suspicious message in your e-mail, do not open it. Throw it away!

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