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Understanding Your Rights Under Michigan's Lemon Law

Posted by Adam Alexander | Jul 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Nothing is more frustrating than being the owner or lessee of a lemon.  Multiple trips to the dealership can be extremely inconvenient, especially when motorists have to deal with being without their vehicle for long periods of time.  Fortunately, Michigan law protects owners and lessees who find themselves in these aggravating situations. 

Michigan law contains highly specific language that spells out the conditions that must be present in order for a vehicle to be considered a lemon.  If you purchased or leased a vehicle that has been in the shop at least three (3) times for the same problem, or if your vehicle has been out of service for more than 25 days for the same problem, you might be protected under Michigan's Lemon Law.

In order for Michiganders to enjoy the protection afforded to them under Michigan's Lemon Law, it is important that owners and lessees follow these crucial steps.

  1. Keep records of all communication with the manufacturer and/or dealer
  2. Keep records of all work orders
  3. After 3 repairs for the same defect, or 25 days out of service in the first year, contact Adam Alexander to schedule an appointment.

If you have abided by these tips and feel that your personal vehicle is a lemon, it is likely that you are protected.  Michigan Lemon Law compensation can include a refund, replacement, or cash compensation.   Although Michigan's Lemon Law seems straightforward, it is extremely important for those who believe their vehicle qualifies, to contact an attorney.

Adam Alexander is one of the most skilled lawyers in the Greater Detroit area, and he specializes in working with clients who are struggling with a purchased or leased lemon.  Adam Alexander has filed over 1,000 Lemon Law suits over the past 25 years against manufacturers such as General Motors, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Toyota, BMW, and many more. Through his efforts, Mr. Alexander is able to quickly handle your case and help you reclaim the money you deserve.  If you believe you are protected under Michigan's Lemon Law, contact Mr. Alexander's office today!  (248) 246-6353.

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