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Dan Recommends Adam Alexander

I contacted Adam Alexander last summer (2022) for a automotive issue, more specifically a potential "LEMON LAW" case against FCA/Stellantis (Fiat Chysler Jeep etc). I purchased a new Jeep Wrangler in the fall of October 2021, within 6 months it overheated and caused catastrophic engine failure. It happened on Easter Sunday so there were no tow trucks to retrieve the vehicle. I sat on the side of the road for over 12 hours waiting for FCA and their Jeep Waive customer service to pick it up. Unfortunately I had a lot of personal items in the vehicle. On 3 different occasions they told me someone was on their way only to find out that they cancelled without letting FCA know. I had to call 4 times, not counting the disconnected calls within FCA. I concluded that their customer service really had know idea what they were doing. Eventually by 2 am the next day I was home but that was because a Michigan State Police Officer stopped by to see if I needed assistance. He was kind enough to give a ride. After Easter weekend I called the dealership where the vehicle was taken. I'll save some time here but over the next 90 days I argued with FCA for a loaner car and a time frame. it was toward the end of this process that I contacted Adam. Within a few days of contacting him I got a loaner car and things started moving. I eventually got the Jeep back...with a brand new engine. I still had some issues with the Jeep but the dealership finally got it figured out. I don't fault the dealership so much as I do FCA the parent company. They simply are not equipped to handle issues like this. I shouldn't have to sue them for performance. It worked out in the end for me because I got a new engine and a sizeable check because of Adam's effort and negotiation skills. I am pretty sophisticated when it comes to knowledge of the law but there is no way I could have or would of wanted to deal with this without him handling the whole thing. The other thing that really bothered me about FCA which really upset me was the lack of empathy for someone stranded on the road. I didn't expect service quickly or a limousine to pick me up but over 12 HOURS on EASTER SUNDAY was ridiculous. Imagine if I had family with me or if a woman with children was by herself??? That upset me more than the time without a replacement vehicle. This is why I really did my homework to find someone (ADAM) to make them understand their responsibility to their customers.
– Dan

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