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Crystal Recommends Adam Alexander

Adam was great to work with from being to end, and he WON my CASE!!! He did an amazing job with my lemon law suit against LR. He kept me updated on any new information, always wanted me to keep him in the loop of new developments on my end, and provided me with clear instructions on what was expected and how the process would go. Which was very helpful when going before oposing attorney's which can be an intimidating experience for some, but Adam was there every step of the way. Attorney Adam Alexander is tougher than he looks especially in court, he will fight for your rights. In the beginning I thought I was suppose to talk to my Attorney all the time, No, not the case. To be clear these cases can be a year to 2 waiting period & there may not be much or little communication for a period of time that does not mean Adam has forgotten you or your case, just means no new developments and just waiting on opposing party and court review. Please be patient when your case is up Adam is ready & goes hard!!

I highly recommend Attorney Adam Alexander and his team.

– Crystal

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