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How to Stop Debt Collectors From Unfairly Harassing You in Michigan

How to Stop Debt Collectors From Unfairly Harassing You in Michigan - Consumer Protection Blog - FDCPA Attorney Southfield, Lemon Law, Credit Help - Adam Alexander Attorney - 105864904Debt collectors make contact with consumers more than one billion times each year, according to ACA International, the debt collection trade group. Often, the harassing tactics they employ cross the line and infringe on your legal rights.  In some instances, debt collectors even mistakenly attempt to collect debts from the wrong person, subjecting people who are debt-free to unfair persecution.


A new breed of debt collectors, who purchase outdated debts that the original creditors have abandoned, is exacerbating this problem.  These debt collectors, called debt buyers, purchase lists of unpaid debts for extremely low prices and take to intimidating citizens in order to turn a profit. 


Fortunately, there are laws in place that are designed to protect you from this type of harassment.  The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) lays out guidelines for how creditors are allowed to contact you, and when.


For example, you can stop debt collectors from writing you frequent letters and calling you between certain hours.  Additionally, they are forbidden from contacting anyone other than you regarding your debt, and from remaining anonymous when contacting you. They are also required to provide you with documented proof of your debt.  If a creditor can’t supply documentation proving that you owe money, they can’t legally obligate you to pay them.


The reality, though, is that debt collectors frequently violate these laws without any repercussions. 


Becoming familiar with the laws that are designed to protect you is the first step in keeping creditors off of your back.  It’s important to know the laws so that you can protect your credit—and in some cases, your sanity.


A qualified attorney can assist you with stopping unfair debt collection practices in their tracks.  Adam Alexander, Michigan’s leading advocate for victims of unfair debt collection, is dedicated to defending your rights.  Contact Adam Alexander today for your free consultation.


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