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Can You Sue Debt Collectors that Violate Your Rights?

Can You Sue Debt Collectors that Violate Your Rights? - Consumer Protection Blog - FDCPA Attorney Southfield, Lemon Law, Credit Help - Adam Alexander Attorney - 467371887As you learned in our previous blog post, “How to Stop Debt Collectors From Unfairly Harassing You in Michigan,” there are laws in place to protect you from the unacceptable tactics often employed by debt collectors.  In this post we’ll talk about how and why you should sue debt collectors who have violated your rights.


It often seems like nothing is going to stop the endless barrage of phone calls and letters that debt collectors will force you to endure on a daily basis.  But, there is one tactic that will stop them once and for all: sue them.


Debt collectors recoil in horror at the thought of a lawsuit, as it can end up costing them thousands in legal fees.  Their only motivation for attempting to collect your debt is to turn a profit.  Without this incentive, not only will they back off from attempting to collect, but they will often offer you a settlement to keep the case out of court. They know that consumers are getting fed up with creditor’s aggressive collection tactics and that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to defend themselves.


So, how do you know if you have a successful lawsuit?  Well, the first step is to know your rights.  Contact a qualified attorney who specializes in protecting consumers from unfair debt collection practices who can educate you on the laws in place, as well help guide you in how to build a case against your creditor. Often, this involves documenting violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).


For Michigan’s leading advocate for victims of unfair debt collection reporting practices, contact attorney Adam Alexander. Adam Alexander specializes in forcing creditors to take responsibility for violating consumer’s rights and getting you the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today—initial consultations are always free.



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